EYCK is a unique factory brand from Bisai, one of the most historic textile production areas in Japan. After many decades of manufacturing textiles, we launched our own brand. Our products reflect modern styles but also the traditional craftsmanship from Bisai. This results in a high-quality product with a modern look and feel. We believe it is important to develop new products through the utillization of historic techniques, modern technologies, and a strong design team. High quality, simplicity, and durability are all important ideas to our team. We want to create beautiful modern pieces that will stand the test of time.


Bisai Textile
Bisai is one of Japan’s largest historic textile production centers. Kozuka Kaori, Ltd. has been a part of this community since 1948. Since that time, our company has introduced new ideas and provided a wide range of textiles and products. In 2011, we formed a partnership with Canale. In 2019, we partnered with a knit designer and a new textile team. Our fashions and product creations employ the historic methods of Bisai but are completely unique to our factory.


The Bisai area is near the Kiso River in Aichi Prefecture. The fertile plains near the river along with the warm climate create a great environment for growing mulberry and cotton. Furthermore, the water quality is perfect for dyeing threads and fabrics. This is just another reason that the textiles from this area are world-famous.